GOODBYE WINTER and HELLO SPRING! Warmer days are finally here. 

Ready to sweat? You’ll need to wipe.

Time to hit the gym to get healthy or take to the track for some walking. The MySleev™ is for anyone who works out, at the gym, jogging, walking, yoga or for those who need to wipe the sweat from their face. MySleev™ was designed specifically with the face in mind, that’s why we use soft cotton with a touch of polyester in the making of our product. Your face matters.

Made In America by the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind

Who wears a MySleev™

Just when you need to wipe, you’re wearing your MySleev™!
MySleev™ is face-friendly, made of 90% cotton and 10% lycra for:

  • Runners (ditch the towel)
  • Yoga practitioners  (ditch the towel and keep your pose) 
  • Cyclists (no more reaching for something to wipe your face with, wear it)
  • Athletes (just wear and wipe)
  • Tattoo (when your boss tells you to cover it)
  • Sports Fans (ditch the paper napkin and GO GREEN, wear a MySleev™ in your team’s colors)
  • Gardeners (arm protection from the sun and scratches and no one wants to wipe there face with dirty hands)
  • Exercise Enthusiasts (wear your towel and you’ll never have to lay it down and stop your workout to wipe)
  • Ladies (a luxury accessory, use your favorite lotion, slip-on your sleeves and let your lotion go to work to soften your arms)
  • Mechanics (hands are for working MySleevs are for wiping)

MySleev™ is the answer for anyone who sweats or needs a little added protection.

MySleev™ is for so much more!

 Just Wipe it on MySleev™!